Niki Danforth

Hush, Hush: A Ronnie Lake Mystery: A woman private investigator crime series (Ronnie Lake Mysteries Book 4)

Hush, Hush:
A Ronnie Lake Mystery
by Niki Danforth

She’s living proof that 55 is the new 35, but this case could send the rookie P.I. into permanent retirement…

Private detective Ronnie Lake has a few wins under her belt, but she’s still proving she’s got what it takes, including to her biggest critic…herself. Eager to solve more crimes, the recently-licensed sleuth accepts a job to track down a young runaway. Her search quickly points to a far more sinister crime.

Sniffing out clues with her loyal German Shepherd, the determined investigator uncovers a brutal crime and meddling authorities. The abduction may be part of a dark conspiracy that’s out of her league, and following a trail that leads to shadowy powerbrokers could put her directly in their crosshairs.

Can she solve the case before one missing person turns into two dead bodies?

A smart heroine, fast-paced action, and now a dash of political intrigue, Hush, Hush is the page-turning stand-alone fourth book in the Ronnie Lake Series.

Be sure to enjoy the bonus to Ronnie Lake’s story in the first several chapters of Traffic, the fifth stand-alone novel in the series.

"A smartly plotted mystery thriller with a strong female protagonist - and a very cool dog! A FINALIST and highly recommended." - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“It’s a fast, hood down race with no brakes. Ronnie Lake jumps out and hugs you tight. She has a dog, cool car, and a nose for mystery…It’s a damn good intriguing read. It has murder, political shenanigans, red herrings flopping about on the dock, and characters that you can cheer for, and many villains to boo.”
– Amazon customer

“I love that Ronnie Lake is a middle-aged Private Investigator heroine (I wish there were more women over 50 in books) and I love that she is sassy yet still vulnerable…this was a great page turner with a well thought out plot. You don't need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this story. Niki Danforth is definitely a writer I will return to.
– Amazon customer

 “The complex plot, which embroils everyone from a college professor, a senator, his wife, to the missing coed’s friend, keeps us guessing…and I like how Ronnie creatively brings us along into her process in solving the case! Though this is book 4, it reads well as a stand-alone. (And does a great job of inviting readers to read the others!)
– Amazon customer