Niki Danforth


Niki Danforth – best-selling author of mysteries and kids’ adventures

A young girl with rodeo dreams. A worn-out mare with an incredible secret.

This old horse is about to teach Moxie Wyoming some magical new tricks. And during the course of their journey in these middle grade novels, Moxie discovers how much she loves working with her horse Misty to protect animals.

“... a marvelous sleuth mystery novel with a unique protagonist. Ronnie Lake may be in her fifties, but she proves that life isn't over once you hit the infamous 'over the hill' mark. After experiencing grief and loss, Ronnie picks up the pieces of her life and, using her natural deductive skills, begins fresh. I love this aspect of her murder mystery series.”

“The minute I started reading this book I couldn't put it down!  Niki Danforth is the new James Patterson!"

Ronnie Lake reminds me of an older Veronica Mars. She's blonde, sassy and won't let a lead go like a dog with a bone. I like her!”