Niki Danforth

Runaway Rescue: Misty and Moxie Wyoming

Check out the coloring book version of
Runaway Rescue:
The Adventures of Misty & Moxie Wyoming!

This ColorRead With Me™ Storybook is an opportunity not only for adults to read an adventure story to children as young as five, but for kids of all ages to also color the lovely drawings and bring their own creativity to the process of what the artist has already started.

Feral cats—and danger—are everywhere…

10-year old Moxie Wyoming and her magical horse Misty are at it again. This time, it’s not one, but two daring rescues! There’s a family of feral cats who’ve taken up residence at Moose Creek Ranch and are threatened by predators. But it’s the urgent call to rescue a colony of city cats that requires Misty’s special powers and Moxie’s can-do attitude. With the clock ticking, can this adventurous duo get there in time?

Runaway Rescue is a wonderful, entertaining story for both myself as the reader and my granddaughter as the listener. The coloring pages give us lots of time to relax and talk about the story, especially what she learned from Moxie in terms of the positive role model qualities she exemplifies. There are also lots of fun facts for both of us to learn about cats, etc.”
– Amazon customer