What happens when the music dies…

Steve Lyla wants nothing more than to grant his elderly father’s dying wish, to find his sister’s killer. Is 50-something, student-sleuth Ronnie Lake ready to take on a cold case more than forty years in the making? Follow the trail of undiscovered clues in this short story as she gets inside the mind of a killer.

Then enjoy the bonus prequel of Ronnie Lake’s story in the first several chapters of “Stunner!”

With this short story, we see the student Ronnie, still with her lovable mix of confidence and over-eagerness, but we get to watch her progression from someone who needs to be reined in a little into a capable, insightful detective. Most of all, it was a dark read that didn’t delve too far into the gruesome, but that still had that intuitive, fun reveal. Great read!
– Amazon customer

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Delilah A Ronnie Lake Cold Case

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