REVIEW: Beyond the Secret Lake

My new favorite in the 3-book Secret Lake Mystery Adventures!

I’m a fan of the earlier books, but Beyond the Secret Lake, is the one I like the most!

First, this is a superbly plotted mystery that will quickly grab middle grade readers. Half the fun is figuring out ‘Who done it?’ and author Karen Inglis does not disappoint.

As the series has evolved, so have the children from two different centuries. Their friendships have strengthened, and their time travel makes it possible to help each other. In this novel, the main characters from the present have been invited back in time to join up with the others as houseguests at the marvelous Penworth Estate in 1913. It belongs to Lucy’s godmother, and the children’s curiosity leads them to conclude that something is not quite right at the estate.

They’re determined to get to the bottom of things by using teamwork, brainstorming, planning, surveillance, and fact-gathering from people who’ve been at the estate for many years. No matter the century, this engaging gang of kids is quick-thinking, supportive, sensitive, and fully committed to the truth. They also serve as entertaining, charming guides for us, the readers, as we try to figure out the mystery.