Niki Danforth

A Ronnie Lake Cold Case A Ronnie Lake Cold Case Delilah A Ronnie Lake Cold Case Murder Mystery Novella Delilah A Ronnie Lake Cold Case Murder Mystery Novella

A Ronnie Lake Cold Case Novella by Niki Danforth

What happens when the music dies…

Steve Lyla wants nothing more than to grant his elderly father’s dying wish, to find his sister’s killer. Is 50-something, student-sleuth Ronnie Lake ready to take on a cold case more than forty years in the making? As a divorced, downsized empty-nester, Ronnie must follow the trail of undiscovered clues in this ​stand-alone novella to get inside the mind of a killer. This is the 2nd installment in the Ronnie Lake Series.

(Previously published in the anthology — “Lyrical Darkness: 11 dark fiction stories inspired by the music that rocks your soul.”)

Be sure to enjoy the bonus to Ronnie Lake’s story in the first several chapters of Book 3, Searching for Gatsby: A Ronnie Lake Murder Mystery.

Ronnie Lake reminds me of an older Veronica Mars. She’s blonde, sassy and won’t let a lead go like a dog with a bone. I like her! …A short, fun read for anyone who likes lady sleuths.
– A Goodreads reviewer

“What a fun read! It was a perfect quickie page turner for a rainy morning. Interesting twists and turns, and a satisfying end. I was caught up right from the jump. And loved the music theme throughout.”
– Amazon customer

Even though this story was super short, it was really good. It had amazing imagery, so much so that I felt I could actually picture everything that was being talked about. I almost felt like I was right there along with all the characters as things happened. 
– A Goodreads reviewer
Lyrical Darkness 11 dark fiction stories

“An original concept for a book with some very talented writers.”
– Amazon customer

“Excellent collection of short stories…from many up and coming writers.”
– Kindle customer