Niki Danforth

Runaway Rescue Misty and Moxie Wyoming

A future reader who loves the drawings

Feral cats—and danger—
are everywhere…

10-year old Moxie Wyoming and her magical horse Misty are at it again. This time, it’s not one, but two daring rescues! There’s a family of feral cats who’ve taken up residence at Moose Creek Ranch and are threatened by predators. But it’s the urgent call to rescue a colony of city cats that requires Misty’s special powers and Moxie’s can-do attitude. With the clock ticking, can this adventurous duo get there in time?

Runaway Rescuea 2021 Finalist in the category of Audio Books for Children/Young Adults, performed by Erin Parker (judged by children from 10 primary & secondary schools in the United Kingdom) - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards


“The children’s books were read and judged by children in the United Kingdom. The books were marked according to editing, theme, style, cover and, in the case of many of the children’s books, illustrations.”
– The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“…this series couples fascinating black-and-white drawings to entice the reader into the story. This is a wonderful story, actually a wonderful series, to introduce young readers to different animals and their special needs, and to teach them how to care for them and love them. The story has all the key ingredients of a good Middle Grade fantasy: animals, adventure and, of course, magic – magic for a good cause, which is saving the animals.”
– Readers’ Favorite rates it 5 Stars!

“Although this tale is for my great-grandchildren, I enjoyed reading it to them; it held all of us spellbound.There’s also interesting articles, the story behind this series and a glossary of horse and misc. terms; all interesting to read. I would recommend this book to all ages since it’s pretty substantial in content, not fluff.”
– Amazon customer

“My granddaughter is 9 and quite the horsewoman; she just took 4th place at a national show this month. She “love love loves” the Moxie & Misty stories. What I love about them is the combination of a great lesson in animal rescue (which my granddaughter is VERY into–they have a rescued mustang and are very active in the animal rescue communities here) with the fantasy of a magical horse. It’s a wonderful combination and (even as an adult) I thoroughly enjoy reading these stories.”
– Amazon customer