Niki Danforth

A Wild Ride Misty and Moxie Wyoming Audio Book
Runaway Rescue Misty and Moxie Wyoming Audio Book

“A superbly narrated story offering 7​-12-year-olds lots of thrills and spills. A FINALIST and highly recommended!” - Runaway Rescue, a 2021 Finalist in the category of Audio Books for Children/Young Adults, performed by Erin Parker (judged by children from 10 primary & secondary schools in the United Kingdom)
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 

“This is an exciting adventure about a girl and a horse who try to save lots of cats. It´s fun to listen to. I think the person narrating the story had lots of energy and put lots of feeling into the story. The best character was Misty. I thought the best part of the story was the ending as it was so exciting.”
- Girl, aged 12

“I liked listening to this story. I think it´s good for children who like animals. I thought the narrator was easy to understand and read the story well.”
- Boy, aged 11  

“I like dogs the best, but I still enjoyed this story. I thought it galloped along, just like Misty. This is an exciting adventure and will be mostly enjoyed by children who love animals.”
- Girl, aged 12