REVIEW: Good Behavior Season 2

5 Stars

After watching this most fascinating couple get together in the first season, the second is off to an excellent start as we watch con artist/thief Letty and hitman Javier commit to giving Letty’s son Jacob a “normal” home life. But how normal can things be when the two fall back on their respective professions to pay for their household & Jacob’s education? And what effect will living within this warped domesticity have on Jacob, who may be young, but is smart beyond his years. By the second show, we see him adapting to his new environment by taking on some of the dubious characteristics of his mother. The great writing, directing, art direction/style, and the performances of a superb cast make the show a lot of fun to watch. You can’t take your eyes off Letty & Javier, each sexy and fiercely intelligent, each with a warped moral compass that makes this series so deep and dark. Good Behavior is without a doubt among the best shows on TV, streaming, or cable these days.

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