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If you’re going to write, you have to enjoy your own company because most of the time it’s a solitary endeavor. So when you come across a kindred spirit during the process, it’s a welcome bonus!

Donnie Light is definitely a kindred spirit. I met Donnie when I hired him to format my novel. He’s the consummate professional who is now devoting himself to working on his own books, including a new novel titled Delaney’s Cure. This thriller is about dogs in a small town who suddenly turn vicious and begin attacking the owners who love them.

Donnie recently tagged me in his blog post, for which I’m grateful. Check him out on Amazon  and his website and blog. Author tagging offers writers the opportunity to answer a few questions about their writing, gives a shout-out to the tagging author, and invites others downstream to participate. So here goes!

What are you working on right now?

My first book, Stunner: A Ronnie Lake Mystery, was a suspenseful mystery about family loyalty and possible betrayal, but my current WIP is a traditional mystery where someone is murdered early in the story. So it will be subtitled A Ronnie Lake Murder Mystery, and there’s also an important romance for Ronnie in this story. I write daily, and I’m probably two-thirds into the first draft.

How do your stories differ from others in the genre?

My protagonist, Ronnie Lake, is a fifty-something mid-life character who is divorced and was recently down-sized out of her corporate career. In Stunner, she was trying to figure out her next act when her niece comes to her in a panic that her recently widowed father (Ronnie’s brother) may want to marry again. It’s not only that his intended is a much younger woman, but that strange events have been happening ever since they’ve come home. Ronnie’s niece suggests they hire a private investigator, but Ronnie decides to see what she can find out on her own first. After all, how hard can it be? Bottom line—this is a story with a universal theme about betrayal and family loyalty with a protagonist who is not afraid to jump into a new endeavor as an amateur detective.

Why do you write what you do?

I can speak from the heart when it comes to the challenges of figuring out how to best navigate the babyboomer experience or mid-life adventure, so there was never a doubt that my lead character would fit that mold. And I love mystery, suspense, and thrillers, so I explore the mid-life experience within the context of those genres. I do believe in stretching beyond this category. I’m also working on a tween girls mystery with a writing partner, which we plan to publish later this year.

How does the writing process work?

I do best early in the morning (typically around 5am), while it’s quiet and before the distractions of the day set in. My time is split between writing and research, which includes my own reading to gather more background information that will play into the plot and characters. I treat writing as a job, but a job that goes beyond the typical eight-hour day because you never know when your imagination will let loose with a new angle, scene, or character just waiting to be explored in your work-in-progress.


First on my list is Cindy Grogan. She and I go back years ago when she wrote the scripts for many television and video productions that I directed and produced, and we became friends along the way. I’ve always thought she has a wonderful way with language and a unique voice, and now she’s published her first book, which is available as both a paperback and eBook on Amazon.

Check out her blog and website.

Next up is Terence Flyntz. Like me, Terence is a debut author who’s writing like mad on the sequel to his first book. Also like me, Terence writes what he knows, bringing his day job into his plots and story lines. He’s the president of a cyber security company, and it was eerily coincidental that while his book, Virtual Conflict, was with his editor, the nearly-exact scenario from his book happened in the news headlines!

You can check out his first book here, and he blogs at TerenceFlyntz.com.

My final tagging goes to Lorca Damon. This author has been around the self-publishing world for a long time, but she’s also a traditionally published author and gets to see what works best about both routes. I love what she did with her young adult title, Driving the Demon, in which she gives readers a perfect juxtaposition to go along with a classic work of literature, The Catcher in the Rye. Take a look at the sample on this link and tell me you don’t want to revisit Salinger’s book while holding Damon’s in your other hand!

She also happens to be uproariously and irreverently funny when she blogs at LorcaDamon.com, and she shares insights about writing and publishing at SeeLorcaWrite.com.

Thanks for playing along…TAG! You’re IT!