REVIEW: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley


The perfect beach read even if you’re not at the beach!

I didn’t think I was going to like the back and forth between the present, or after the fall, and “before the fall” or the crash…I would so want to continue the part of the story I was reading when the author would suddenly introduce one of the other casualties of the crash. But every time, Noah Hawley drew me in with a fascinating, many-layered back story on another of the characters, and most of the rich and powerful in the novel are a fairly unappealing group. The scene about the two survivors is beautifully written and my favorite in the book. The central character, the artist’s naiveté about the growing media circus was almost painful to watch, but he comes through it all in his own quirky way. And to finally understand why the plane came down is a reminder of how events can be almost innocently set in motion far in advance.

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