It’s finally here! Book 3 in the Ronnie Lake series!

When I first began creating the character who would become Ronnie Lake, it was hard not to put too much of myself into her. I wanted her to be fierce but approachable, confident but still clinging to her family, capable but still relatable in her mistakes and missteps. Some days I feel like Ronnie and I could take on the world, and other days I find myself looking up to her, asking myself what she would do in this situation.

I’ve gotten to know Ronnie so well over the years, and it’s been a wild ride. I’ve watched her grow from an accidental sleuth determined to protect her family into a full-fledged private investigator who puts her skills to good use. I’m thrilled with how far she’s come in the course of three books, in the way she’s reinvented herself and continues to be open to new experiences.

I hope you’ll find out more about Ronnie in my recently released third book in the series, Searching for Gatsby: A Ronnie Lake Murder Mystery. And don’t forget to leave an honest review!