Best Movies of 2016

I know, I know, 2016 is old news. Put the past behind us, and all that. But whenever I put down a book long enough to watch a movie, it had better be good. I’m happy to say my list below all made the cut… I watched a few incredible films this past year!

First, I have to confess something…I’m such a book lover that when I do sit down to watch a movie, it has to be amazing but it doesn’t have to be brand-new. So this list–even though it’s my Best of 2016 list–doesn’t only mean films that came out last year. Instead, it’s films I finally got around to watching! 🙂

HINT: # 1 & 2 on my list are all-around perfect movies, whether it’s script, story, performances, direction, cinematography, music, etc.

  1. Hell or High Water — you think you’re getting cops & robbers when the movie starts, but it’s so much more
  2. Manchester by the Sea — there are scenes that will totally break your heart
  3. Hacksaw Ridge — a reminder that non-fiction can create the most incredible story-telling in this historical drama about quiet courage under extreme and deadly fire
  4. La La Land — the chemistry between stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is amazing in this magical musical about whether to dedicate yourself to your “dream” or true love
  5. Lion — a true story about a lost child in India who 25 years later goes on a journey to find his family
  6. Arrival — will challenge your imagination about what is “out there” and how we as a planet would respond
  7. Edge of 17 — a touching coming-of-age story with a stand-out performance by the young star, Hailee Steinfeld
  8. The Jungle Book — something wonderful for your kids or grandkids or anyone who is a kid-at-heart.

My top pick from this list? It’s got to be Hell or High Water. Check it out for yourself…