Check out the coloring book version of Runaway Rescue: The Adventures of
Misty & Moxie Wyoming!

This ColorRead with Me™ Storybook is not only an adaption of the middle grade novel, but an opportunity for adults to read an adventure story to children as young as five. When it comes to the artwork, kids of all ages will enjoy coloring the lovely drawings, bringing their own creativity to the process of what the artist has already started.


“A great pet rescue fantasy for young animal lovers. Moxie’s and Misty’s adventures continue as each adventure teaches some facts on animal care. The author’s imaginative plots add a young “super hero” flavor to the stories that I bet most children would love to have, so saddle up!”
– Amazon customer

“Ms Danforth has again created an enchanting children’s book…the core story this time revolves around domestic and feral animal rescue and provides a terrific amount of information slipped casually into the storyline.”
– Amazon customer

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