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REVIEW: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley


The perfect beach read even if you’re not at the beach!

I didn’t think I was going to like the back and forth between the present, or after the fall, and “before the fall” or the crash…I would so want to continue the part of the story I was reading when the author would suddenly introduce one of the other casualties of the crash. But every time, Noah Hawley drew me in with a fascinating, many-layered back story on another of the characters, and most of the rich and powerful in the novel are a fairly unappealing group. The scene about the two survivors is beautifully written and my favorite in the book. The central character, the artist’s naiveté about the growing media circus was almost painful to watch, but he comes through it all in his own quirky way. And to finally understand why the plane came down is a reminder of how events can be almost innocently set in motion far in advance.

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REVIEW: Lady Cop Makes Trouble (A Kopp Sisters Novel)


Huge Fan of Constance Kopp & her sisters in this superb early 20th century mystery!

I love the page-turning mysteries at the heart of this series, but I love the personalities and solid character of Constance Kopp and her sisters even more as they push the traditional female boundaries of early 20th century New York and New Jersey. Based on the real-life Kopp sisters, Author Amy Stewart expertly spins her crime fiction, weaving social issues of that era into the suspense. This second entry is as strong as the first with the bonus of a hint of a developing relationship between Constance and her boss, the fair and supportive Sheriff Heath. Recommend highly!

To check it out for yourself, click here to go to the book’s description and sample.

REVIEW: Bosch (Season 3) by Michael Connelly

To binge or not binge-watch — what’s a fan to do when it comes to this first-rate series!

Another superb season of Bosch, with each season better than the last. I continue to love the noir-L.A. world of Harry Bosch and the noir characters who inhabit it. The character of Bosch’s daughter is the exception — she is the burst of sunlight in Harry’s seamy world of crime. The big dilemma for those of us who are fans — to binge watch it all at once or stretch it out one episode a day like a sinful dessert or an excellent glass of wine.

To take a look at this season or find the others, click here!

Who Wore It Better: The TV or the Book?

If you’ve been around my blog, my social media, or my physical person for even a short time, you know what a huge mystery/thriller fan I am. One of my go-to favorites are the 21 books (yikes! yes, twenty-one!) in Michael Connelly’s series featuring Harry Bosch.

When Amazon announced it was creating an original series out of the books and the character, I was highly hesitant. Did I want to risk ruining my love for this character by putting it in the hands of TV people? Then I remembered something critical: I used to be one of those TV people! 🙂

So I gave it a try, and I have to admit, the series blew me away. It’s one of my all-time binge watch mainstays, and I’m looking forward to Season 3 when it comes out on April 21st. In case you want to catch up before then, here is the link to the Season 1 pilot.

REVIEW: The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

Stepping into the world of Harry Bosch is always superb!
Every time I begin one of Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels, I want to savor every moment of the story and the dark world of Harry Bosch, dreading the moment the book will end. Because Harry is tracking down a trail that starts some sixty years earlier, this novel is especially L.A.-noirish. Harry’s the perfect P.I. for a journey that requires going back to the 1950s in order to figure out the present-day answers. There’s the bonus of another case he’s working simultaneously, and Connelly masterfully weaves back and forth. A truly satisfying read.
Check out The Wrong Side of Goodbye for yourself –>

Who Needs Some Great Mysteries Right Now?

Once again, I’ve been given a rare gift in the opportunity to join ranks with some truly incredible mystery writers. This time, Fairfield Publishing has generously extended an invitation to more than twenty writers to offer either excerpts or full-length reads in their new Mystery Giveaway!

Take a look at some of the great titles. Each one is offered through instaFreebie, so the download process for your preferred format is seamless. Just browse the ones that grab your attention, and click! And don’t forget the Ronnie Lake’s latest adventure is tucked in there as well!

Click here to find the giveaway:

REVIEW: The Whites by Richard Price

5 STARS- The Whites
Gritty, tough, hard-boiled mystery
Beautifully written, Price not only creates a fascinatingly complex character in Billy Graves, the cop who runs an overnight team in New York City, but gives equal attention to each character who makes up Billy’s world — his old buddies he worked with in the 1990s, his father who used to be very high up in the NYPD but now suffers from dementia, his two sons, his second wife Carmen, her gay brother, the woman who helps take care of his family, and the bizarre stalker murderer who weaves in and out of all their stories. In addition, the portrait of NYC as the backdrop of the novel is rich.
To read an excerpt of The Whites, click this link so you can check it out here!

REVIEW: Good Behavior by Blake Crouch

Strongly recommend whether or not you’ve seen the series on TNT
Not only is “Good Behavior” (Letty Dobesh Chronicles) my current favorite TV show, but I have equally enjoyed reading the three novellas by Blake Crouch. Reading them after watching the series did not take away from the book at all. I loved getting to know the quick-thinking, tough, gorgeous Letty as portrayed in the book, the ultimate dysfunctional mother who would do anything to protect her son. I also found Crouch’s comments after each novella fascinating and learning what he took from the stories to create the series.
You can find the book on Amazon by clicking here: Enjoy!

Best Movies of 2016

I know, I know, 2016 is old news. Put the past behind us, and all that. But whenever I put down a book long enough to watch a movie, it had better be good. I’m happy to say my list below all made the cut… I watched a few incredible films this past year!

First, I have to confess something…I’m such a book lover that when I do sit down to watch a movie, it has to be amazing but it doesn’t have to be brand-new. So this list–even though it’s my Best of 2016 list–doesn’t only mean films that came out last year. Instead, it’s films I finally got around to watching! 🙂

HINT: # 1 & 2 on my list are all-around perfect movies, whether it’s script, story, performances, direction, cinematography, music, etc.

  1. Hell or High Water — you think you’re getting cops & robbers when the movie starts, but it’s so much more
  2. Manchester by the Sea — there are scenes that will totally break your heart
  3. Hacksaw Ridge — a reminder that non-fiction can create the most incredible story-telling in this historical drama about quiet courage under extreme and deadly fire
  4. La La Land — the chemistry between stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is amazing in this magical musical about whether to dedicate yourself to your “dream” or true love
  5. Lion — a true story about a lost child in India who 25 years later goes on a journey to find his family
  6. Arrival — will challenge your imagination about what is “out there” and how we as a planet would respond
  7. Edge of 17 — a touching coming-of-age story with a stand-out performance by the young star, Hailee Steinfeld
  8. The Jungle Book — something wonderful for your kids or grandkids or anyone who is a kid-at-heart.

My top pick from this list? It’s got to be Hell or High Water. Check it out for yourself…