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REVIEW: Sycamore Row by John Grisham

5 Stars

Sycamore Row is wonderful!! Please, Mr. Grisham, write more Jake Brigance!
How terrific to be back in the world of the fiery Jake Brigance. On the basis of his work three years earlier in “A Time to Kill,” Jake is selected as executor of what is sure to be a controversial will that once again puts him in the middle of a racially charged environment. The plot is tight and fast; the characters are beautifully written in many shades of good and bad; the topic is one that is an important part of our history. Very satisfying, read! How long must we wait for Jake Brigance #3?
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REVIEW: King and Maxwell by David Baldacci


This engaging duo of former secret service agents is hired by a lone man up against the establishment. But in this case the establishment is the US military and the lone man is 15-years old. He wants to know what’s really happened to his father who supposedly died on oversees assignment. When his father contacts him, the teenager hires Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, now private eyes, to find out what really happened. They quickly get pulled into lies & conspiracy at the highest levels of government. Nonstop action…and with their abundant banter, an entertaining read.

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REVIEW: Down a Dark Road: A Kate Burkholder Novel


Linda Castillo once again delivers a first-rate entry in her Kate Burkholder series. I have read or listened to every book in this series and Burkholder remains compelling, competent, modern, and take-charge as she bridges both her worlds — the traditional Amish world in which she grew up, and her non-Amish world as Painters Mill Police Chief. She brings a unique sensitivity to tricky situations that straddle both cultures as she repeatedly encounters obstacles during police investigations. This particular case harkens back to her tween years and an early crush on a slightly older boy on the verge of manhood. Now almost twenty years later, he’s been serving time for the murder of his wife. He escapes and in his encounter with Kate, pleads for her help in proving his innocence.

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REVIEW: What Remains of Me by Alison Gaylin

5 Stars – Great whodunit!

It’s got all the ingredients — psychological suspense, Hollywood glamour, the rich and famous, murder. A 30-year old crime comes back to haunt the supposed murderer upon her release, and then a new murder compounds the situation. Skipping back and forth in time, it’s the perfect psychological whodunit for the beach!

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REVIEW: The Second Life of Nick Mason

5 STARS – The Second Life of Nick Mason by Steve Hamilton

One of the best first sentences ever in a thriller novel. And with the next two paragraphs, I was hooked and committed to the entire delicious, breath-taking, bumpy, exciting ride. And even though Nick Mason is called on to carry out terrible acts to protect the most important relationships in his life, he is ruled by an oddly solid moral core. Will start Book 2 immediately.

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REVIEW: Eileen: A Novel by Ottessa Moshfegh

Depressing circumstances are the backdrop for noir suspense
Be ready to enter the dark, dark world of a disturbing protagonist. Her snowy New England hometown, her secretarial work in a boys’ prison, and her upbringing in the disgusting squalor of her parents’ house that makes foster care look like a welcoming escape — all add up to a bleak scenario. The writing is so powerful and beautiful — the scene setting, the development of the characters, the voice of the Eileen — but at times I wasn’t sure I could continue reading and inhabiting her awful world. How could the stars so completely line up against this central character? I hung in because of the amazing writing — and as the story progresses you grow to understand why Eileen ended up so “bent,” and the reader can find sympathy for this character.
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REVIEW: Escape Clause by John Sandford


Lots of fun, and almost made me forget about Lucas Davenport…almost. 🙂
Having been a devoted reader of the Prey series with tough guy Lucas Davenport, I can highly recommend readers check out John Sandford’s other tough guy in a different stand-alone series. Virgil Flowers may be someone you don’t want to mess with, but he also shows his “softer” side to his family and dishes out plenty of humor along the way. In this book, readers will find themselves rooting for the tigers, and the resolution and ending are not to be believed. It all wraps up in one superbly written magnificent battle.
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REVIEW: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley


The perfect beach read even if you’re not at the beach!

I didn’t think I was going to like the back and forth between the present, or after the fall, and “before the fall” or the crash…I would so want to continue the part of the story I was reading when the author would suddenly introduce one of the other casualties of the crash. But every time, Noah Hawley drew me in with a fascinating, many-layered back story on another of the characters, and most of the rich and powerful in the novel are a fairly unappealing group. The scene about the two survivors is beautifully written and my favorite in the book. The central character, the artist’s naiveté about the growing media circus was almost painful to watch, but he comes through it all in his own quirky way. And to finally understand why the plane came down is a reminder of how events can be almost innocently set in motion far in advance.

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REVIEW: Lady Cop Makes Trouble (A Kopp Sisters Novel)


Huge Fan of Constance Kopp & her sisters in this superb early 20th century mystery!

I love the page-turning mysteries at the heart of this series, but I love the personalities and solid character of Constance Kopp and her sisters even more as they push the traditional female boundaries of early 20th century New York and New Jersey. Based on the real-life Kopp sisters, Author Amy Stewart expertly spins her crime fiction, weaving social issues of that era into the suspense. This second entry is as strong as the first with the bonus of a hint of a developing relationship between Constance and her boss, the fair and supportive Sheriff Heath. Recommend highly!

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REVIEW: Bosch (Season 3) by Michael Connelly

To binge or not binge-watch — what’s a fan to do when it comes to this first-rate series!

Another superb season of Bosch, with each season better than the last. I continue to love the noir-L.A. world of Harry Bosch and the noir characters who inhabit it. The character of Bosch’s daughter is the exception — she is the burst of sunlight in Harry’s seamy world of crime. The big dilemma for those of us who are fans — to binge watch it all at once or stretch it out one episode a day like a sinful dessert or an excellent glass of wine.

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